Mod Hovering Text | Floating Text + for Minecraft

If you want to make your world in Minecraft on Android, then use mod Floating Text +which will allow you to make stunning lettering. It’s great for map makers.

Input text |  Mod Floating Text

A mod called Floating Text + adds to Minecraft a new feature that will allow you to create such fancy lettering. They are opaque, but the hero can pass through them.

Appeared inscription |  Mod Floating Text

And you can place this anywhere. The function is very easy to use. Command to the console to write text.

Command to enter |  Mod Floating Text

And to remove the text in Minecraft Bedrock, enter this command into the console.

Delete command |  Mod Floating Text

But to make the text like the bottom screenshot, you need one special utility. This is an .exe file – run, of course, only on a PC.

Inscription with the program |  Mod Floating Text

For convenience, the program is in the archive with fashion… Have a good game!

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