Mod Honey Slugs | Honey Slimes for Minecraft

Modification Honey Slimes will not only add some interesting mobs to Minecraft PE, but also great items that will definitely help you in survival mode.

Functions of the Honey Slimes mod

Mob appearance |  Mod Honey slugs

Actually, the object itself fashion Honey Slimes. By the way, in Minecraft BE this is a rather dangerous opponent. The mucus shoots out balls of honey, which tend to explode. You can find them in the flower forest biome.

Rogue bee |  Mod Honey slugs

Villager bee |  Mod Honey slugs

And here are two more mobs in Minecraft PE – villager bee and marauder. There is a chance to get a bow from a robber, and a villager is a merchant.

Honey balls |  Mod Honey slugs

Honey balls. Suitable for making a honey block.

Sticky balls |  Mod Honey slugs

Sticky honey balls. Use to troll your friends.

Bonfire |  Mod Honey slugs

Crystal Honey Crafting |  Mod Honey slugs

Crystallized honey. It is crafted on a fire from blocks. It is a component of an Überkax.

Royal honey |  Mod Honey slugs

Cool honeycomb. Also part of the pickaxe crafting. When eaten, it will give the hero MCPE effect of strength and increased jumping distance.

Honey potion |  Mod Honey slugs

Honey potion.

Sticky Onions |  Mod Honey slugs

Sticky onions. It has off scale damage.

Sticky Pickaxe |  Mod Honey slugs

Sticky pick. Deals minor damage, and also gives the negative effect “Fatigue”. Can be obtained from Crystallized Honey.

Royal Honeycomb Pickaxe |  Mod Honey slugs

Steep honeycomb Über pick. Breaks everything, even the bedrock in MCBE… Have a good game!

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