Mod Heavy Survival | Hardercore for Minecraft

Besides adding new creatures, mod entitled Hard Survival (Hardercore) completely changes the balance in Minecraft PE. It should be played on a hard level of difficulty, as the balance will not work correctly on others.

Functions of the Hardercore mod

All vanilla creatures in Minecraft Bedrock Edition HP will increase, as well as damage and protection. But there are also positive aspects to this. For example, killing a monster with the Hardercore mod, you will get more resources, as well as experience.

Likewise with chests – you will find in MCBE much more valuable items. Also, the mod adds to Minecraft several mini-bosses with which you have to fight quite often.

Zombie Boss |  Mod Heavy Survival

The main zombie:

  • spawn small zombies;
  • has a health scale;
  • slower than regular zombies;
  • has more HP.

Spider Queen |  Mod Heavy Survival

Spider Queen:

  • has a large supply of health;
  • deals a lot of damage;
  • sleepy spider;
  • can’t slow down.

Drowned Man |  Mod Heavy Survival

The main drowned man:

  • more HP than an ordinary drowned man;
  • much more tenacious than ordinary drowned people;
  • takes increased damage from tridents.

Desiccation Tower |  Mod Heavy Survival

Searing Towers:

  • can spawn when fighting the Wither;
  • shoots skulls at the player;
  • after destruction, a shard of the skeleton is dropped.

Small dragon |  Mod Heavy Survival

Small dragon:

  • can be found in the Land;
  • shoots small fiery projectiles.

Also using this hardcore mod, you can melt the armor back into ingots. And the projectiles used (for example, arrows) fly much faster and further.

Update 1.3

The mod received several fixes and changes:

  • fixed messages in the game:
  • improved textures and animations;
  • minecarts speed has been increased;
  • fixed the use of a trident;
  • a new version of the drowned man has been implemented;
  • fixed the problem of shells of mobs;
  • the physics of the game has received fixes.

Have a good game!

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