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FROM mod Hats your character will look completely unique in Minecraft PE. And most importantly, there are so many hats that even if you put on one a day, it will take more than one month.


As mentioned, the number of hats in Minecraft Bedrock Edition will increase dramatically when you install modification Hats. There are more than thirty varieties in total. And if we consider that some of them have different textural variations, then the number of hats in MKPE and it will be close to fifty.

Caps |  Mod Hats

Axolotls |  Mod Hats

Crafting glasses |  Mod Hats

With this mod, you will definitely pick up something for your hero to your taste in Minecraft Bedrock Edition… Would you like to put on an ornament from Among Us, or if you want, become a real sheriff by trying on the appropriate item of clothing on the hero. Have a good game!

Tsar's crown |  Mod Hats

Hats |  Mod Hats

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