Mod Guardians of Valhalla | Valhalla Guards for Minecraft

By installing this mod, you will see six new mobs in Minecraft that you can arm. Also, the author Valhalla Guards gives you the ability to command these guards.

How to use the Valhalla Guards mod

Three guards |  Valhalla Guardian Mod

All mobs from the Valhalla Guards mod will spawn randomly in villages. IN MCPE this is:

  • crossbowman;
  • archer;
  • warrior;
  • lord;
  • magician;
  • knight.

Lord |  Valhalla Guardian Mod

They will always attack various monsters and marauders. But! Mobs do not attack creepers, their kin, other players, or golems. Ranged mobs and mages will always keep their distance.

How to interact

Monk |  Valhalla Guardian Mod

The author provided for a change in the movement of these NPCs – for this, you need to interact with them with a certain object:

  • defense: hit the bell;
  • patrolling: use the fire on the guard;
  • post: you need to use a watch;
  • follow the player: bribe the guard with a gold nugget;
  • the second option is to use a regular flag.

Transformation and equipment

Mobs |  Valhalla Guardian Mod

All new mobs can be better equipped. For this you can use in Minecraft BE various equipment:

  • swords;
  • axes;
  • armor;
  • rack for armor.

Warrior in armor |  Valhalla Guardian Mod

Enchanted equipment cannot be used – it simply does not work on guard.

And besides that, you can turn an ordinary villager:

  • into the archer: give him an arrow;
  • to the crossbowman: give a crossbow (but the mob must be an archer before that!);
  • guard: use a wooden sword;
  • protector with a trident: give a trident;
  • sorcerer: hand the wand;
  • healer: use the book to “tame”.

Warrior with a trident |  Valhalla Guardian Mod

And in order to “disenchant” any of the warriors in MCBE, just give the inhabitant a bed. Mobs spawn randomly and disappear after the raid. Activate experimental features to mod worked correctly. Have a good game!

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