Mod Giant Wolves | Giant Wolves for Minecraft

It often happens that a poor, tamed beast in Minecraft PE dies at the hands of adversaries. Via fashion Giant Wolves you will be able to improve vanilla wolves, as well as increase their survivability.

Taming the Wolf |  Mod Giant Wolves

Size matters! Especially when it comes to the Giant Wolves modification. Now in Minecraft they are not afraid of any battle, their appearance corresponds to the expected characteristics of the updated mob.

Tamed wolf |  Mod Giant Wolves

The author has seriously enlarged the beast in Minecraft PE vitality. The attack power has also increased several times. They will be found all in the same biomes of the game, and will be tamed accordingly, like their usual relatives.

Wolf with cub |  Mod Giant Wolves

Propagate wolves from fashion you can use golden apples. Don’t be surprised if the cubs grow very slowly – that’s the price to pay for the sheer size of the dog. Collar can be tinted. And do not forget to feed them more often in Minecraft for Android to cure – due to the limitations of the game, the tail mechanic does not work on them. Enjoy your passage!

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