Mod Giant Sans | Giant Ultra Sans for Minecraft

Count on a fair fight with the boss in fashion Giant Sans (GiantUltraWithout) you shouldn’t. The maximum that we can advise you to do is to stock up on valerian. Well, or some kind of sedative for playing Minecraft BE.

Giant Sans |  Mod Giant Sans

Those who honestly went through the Dark Souls series will definitely remember the Smoke Knight, or Midir, with his one-shot beam in the third part. Here, in Minecraft for Android, you will have the same emotions when fighting Sans, even more trenchant. As usual, the authors of the Giant Ultra Sans mod made it an exaggerated size.

Sansa Lasers |  Mod Giant Sans

This white golem possesses Minecraft Bedrock Edition scary attacks that can kill anyone in the game. At the same time, the health reserve is also like a horse’s.

Laser Attack |  Mod Giant Sans

If you want to defeat him honestly, then use everything that gives at least some advantage, enchant weapons and armor. Better yet, find among the mods something the same imbue for MCPE… Have a good game!

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