Mod Generation of ore | Ore Generator for Minecraft

Mechanisms mod Ore Generator work in Minecraft BE similar to pumpkins – they produce minerals constantly. This modification was created especially for those players who like simpler gameplay.

Functions of the Ore Generator mod

Ore generators |  Mod Generation of ore

In total, the author of the Ore Generator mod invites you to use seven variations of generators in Minecraft Bedrock… They differ from each other only textures, as well as ore, which is gradually mined. Here, for your convenience, all the recipes for creating MKPE.

Generator Crafts |  Mod Generation of ore

To get minerals in Minecraft PE, you will have to wait a little – namely, depending on the ore, from 50 to 600 seconds. In addition, you can speed up the performance of the unit. To do this, use a block of ore or stones – whichever it creates.

Using the block |  Mod Generation of ore

Chest next to the generator |  Mod Generation of ore

To mod worked correctly, be sure to activate the experimental gameplay features in the map settings. Have a good game!

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