Mod Furniture Marcraft | Marcraft BE for Minecraft

Like most mods, Мебель Marcraft (Marcraft BE) adds new interior items to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Almost all of them are available in six board options.

Marcraft BE fashion features

Beds |  Mod Furniture Marcraft

FROM fashion Marcraft furniture (Marcraft BE) you can create in Minecraft the following items:

  • Bedside tables
  • Sofas
  • Blankets.

By the way, the blankets in Minecraft can be crafted in 16 color variations.

Blankets |  Mod Furniture Marcraft

Unfortunately, the furniture is available in Minecraft PE only through the creative inventory. In the future, the author will create recipes for crafting it, after which it can be obtained in survival mode.

Bedside tables |  Mod Furniture Marcraft

Please note that the blanket is positioned correctly on the bed, the bed must be at the height of the blocks, otherwise the blankets will fall into textures (a small oversight that will be fixed soon). Have a good game!

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