Mod Furniture in a modern style

There are many modsthat add furniture to Minecraft BE – good and not so. AND Contemporary style furniture (KraftoidsModernFurniture) refers specifically to the good. Everything is high quality and cool done.

Here is a list of what Kraftoid’s Modern Furniture will add to your Minecraft for Android:

  • Technique;
  • Armchairs;
  • Cabinets;
  • Bathroom items;
  • Various paintings and decorations.

Lots of furniture in the room |  Mod Furniture in a modern style

With some items in Minecraft BE you can interact, for example, with chairs – your character can sit on them. Mod will be constantly updated, and for this reason it is worth downloading it for MCBE… Have a good game!

Furniture for the room |  Mod Furniture in a modern style

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