Mod Frosty Zombies | Frozen Zombies for Minecraft

Like deserts, snow biomes in Minecraft PE are not going through the best times right now. They are sparsely populated by mobs and also have few structures. And the opponents there are the most ordinary. However, since mod Frozen Zombies this business can be improved!

Functions of the Frozen Zombies mod

Walking through cold biomes in Minecraft Pocket Edition you will surely stumble upon new opponents. In the Frozen Zombies mod, the author has provided 5 new opponents.

Mob in the forest |  Mod Frosty zombies

Frosty Zombie:

  • slows down for 10 seconds;
  • spawns frequently;
  • has 20 HP;
  • deals 4 points of damage.

Common frosty zombie |  Mod Frosty zombies

Snow zombie:

  • slows down for 20 seconds;
  • spawns 2 times less often;
  • has 40 units of HP;
  • deals 6 points of damage.

Snow zombie |  Mod Frosty zombies

Frozen Dead:

  • has a large supply of HP of 60 units;
  • imposes a slowdown of 30 seconds;
  • damage by 8 units;
  • spawn in MKPE seldom.

The frozen dead |  Mod Frosty zombies

Ice Dead:

  • cool as the White Walkers;
  • freezes for 1 minute;
  • has 100 units of health;
  • deals 10 units;
  • spawns very rarely.

Ice drowned man |  Mod Frosty zombies

Frozen Drowned Man:

  • has characteristics twice as steep than that of an ordinary drowned man;
  • freezes for 20 seconds;
  • Deals 6 units of damage to the character on impact.

Learn enemies from fashion simple enough. They all have in Minecraft PE “Freezing” textures, which, depending on the strength of the mob, become more distinct.

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