Mod Fox Taming | Tamable Foxes for Minecraft

There are a huge number of mods for the “domestication” of these cute creatures in Minecraft BE. But Tamable Foxes is the easiest to use.

Foxes appeared in Minecraft on the phone for a long time. And according to normal, we are not allowed to tame them in the game. And this is where it comes to the rescue modification Tamable Foxes, which will do the trick. To do this, you just need to find in Minecraft PE sweet berries and give them to the fox.

Sleeping foxes |  Mod Fox Taming

Works, by the way, with the polar variation of the animal. After you have tamed the cunning, a collar will automatically appear on her, and she can even sit. Just keep in mind that they do not fight against monsters in MCBE… And the cubs will have to be tamed in the same way. Have a good game!

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