Mod Forge Editing Items | An Anvil That Can Name Items In New Lines for Minecraft

It’s bad that the developers did not add the ability to describe objects and blocks in Minecraft Pocket Edition. And it’s good that there is such mod as Item Editing Forge (AnAnvilThatCanNameItemsInNewLines).

In order to mod worked, go to settings (global!) Minecraft PE, and activate it. An important point: if you combine with other mods or large maps, be sure to move An Anvil That Can Name Items In New Lines up. And now we take any of the items in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, go to the blacksmith’s table, and in the window that appears, enter the inscription, as is the case with this paper.

Renaming paper |  Mod Forge editing items

Renamed paper |  Mod Forge editing items

The work of the mod is the same when playing on a PC, or from a pocket device. You can change the description of the weapon in MCPE.

Editing a sword |  Mod Forge editing items

Or even a spawn egg, or a tag.

Editing Tags |  Mod Forge editing items

Editing Spawn Eggs |  Mod Forge editing items

How it works for NPCs and mobs.

Edited Creeper |  Mod Forge editing items

Edited NPC |  Mod Forge editing items

Pop-up inscription.

Inscription on the map |  Mod Forge editing items

Have a good game!

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