Mod Ford Capri MK 1

If you do not play racing games, then you are unlikely to know that Ford Capri MK 1 in the seventies rode the race tracks. Now, this legend of the car industry is available to you in Minecraft on Android in the same name fashion.

Features of mod Ford Capri MK 1

Despite the fact that the designer of the Ford Capri MK 1 (Ford Capri MK 1) and the classic Mustang MK1 are the same, the cars have little in common. The Mustang was very popular in its native country, and the concern decided to create an “analogue” for Europe. The base for this car was the Lotus Cortina. But, back to Minecraft Bedrock Edition to this very fashion.

Car model in MCBE really nothing – soft and smooth textures, good animation. The author has brought you five different colors.

Red |  Mod Ford Capri MK 1


Yellow |  Mod Ford Capri MK 1


Blue |  Maud Ford Capri MK 1


Black |  Mod Ford Capri MK 1

The black.

Orange |  Mod Ford Capri MK 1


Black - in front of |  Mod Ford Capri MK 1

Black - back |  Mod Ford Capri MK 1

In addition, the old man has MKPE elaborate interior. Have a good game!

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