Mod Food Jar | Jar for Food for Minecraft

Jar for Food this is, of course, not a refrigerator, but the author fashion offers just such a solution in the game. In addition, there are no other options in Minecraft for Android, only chests. However, this is not realistic and, hypothetically, should have a bad effect on the quality of food.

Functions of the Jar for Food mod

Apples in a jar |  Mod Food Jar

The Jar for Food from the mod is a small glass cube in Minecraft (well, yes, everything is from cubes). It is in it that the author proposes to store raw and prepared food. However, you can put no more than ten pieces of any product inside. By the way, is it possible to combine them with each other – we have not yet figured out.

Bank appearance |  Mod Food Jar

So you can download this mod and spend in Minecraft BE experiment yourself. You can put any food in it. At the same time, you will visually see the degree of filling the container in the Jar for Food mod.

Sample filling quantity |  Mod Food Jar

And this item is crafted in MKPE very easy and simple.

Craft |  Mod Food Jar

Update 1.3

New items |  Mod Food Jar

In the fresh update, there are two more containers for your hero’s food – a vessel and a plate.

Vessels |  Mod Food Jar

Crafting a vessel |  Mod Food Jar

Like the food jar, the jar is also designed to hold up to ten food items. It is closed, and unlike a can, you will not be able to see how full it is.

Plates |  Mod Food Jar

Craft plates |  Mod Food Jar

You cannot put ten units of food on a plate – only two.

Have a good game!

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