Mod Ferrari F40 | Ferrari F40 for Minecraft

Ferrari F40 (FerrariF40) still does not lose its popularity – even mod was written down for Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. And this despite the fact that the car is more than thirty years old! Get behind the wheel of this rare but still cool car!

Features of the Ferrari F40 mod

Ferrari f40 |  Mod Ferrari F40

Just a little bit of history. The first Ferrari F40 (Ferrari F40) rolled off the assembly line back in 1987. The car was developed to fight on race tracks with no less eminent rivals – the Porsche 959 and Lamborghini County. The F40’s last winning race was Anderstorp 4 Hours in 1996, where the car could no longer compete with the McLaren F1 GTR. The latest creation by Enzo Ferrari has become truly magnificent.

Ferrari in the game |  Mod Ferrari F40

Engine |  Mod Ferrari F40

But let’s get back to fashion… Mod author for Minecraft Pocket Edition tried as well as Enzo himself. The car has a cool model and textures – even the engine under the glass is worked out. Ferrat in Minecraft BE pretty darn fast – you’re unlikely to find a car faster among mods. The car has cool animation and lighting.

Engine type  Mod Ferrari F40

Back view |  Mod Ferrari F40

Despite the fact that a total of 1315 cars were produced, you will still get one of them in Minecraft… If it seems to you that the car body looks too angular and aggressive, then know that aerodynamics is for those automakers who simply do not know how to build powerful motors. Have a good game!

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