Mod Fantasy | Bedrock Fantasy for Minecraft

Mod called Fantasy (Bedrock Fantasy) includes a lot of interesting things. You will have new enemies, weapons and even several mounts (mounts) in Minecraft Bedrock.

Minotaur |  Mod Fantasy

Trade window |  Mod Fantasy

So, let’s take a look at all the goodies fashion Fantasy (Bedrock Fantasy) in more detail. The first in line is the Minotaur. This is a neutral mob in Minecraft PEthat spawns in the savannahs. By the way, you can trade with it.

Cyclops  Mod Fantasy

Cyclops will become such mini-bosses. They have a large supply of health, but they can easily swans a hero without armor. They can be found in Minecraft PE in the biome of the mesas. Upon their death, they will drop an eye, which is a component for creating powerful weapons.

Green pegasus |  Mod Fantasy

White Pegasus |  Mod Fantasy

And here are the pets – white and green pegasus. If tamed, then you can fly on them, having previously put on a saddle. The green pegasus spawns all over the place, while the white one spawns high in the mountains. Both variants are tamed with golden carrots or apples, as well as some of the goods that the minotaur sells.

Saddle crafting |  Mod Fantasy

And here is the craft of a saddle for a flying horse.

Vikings with a huge |  Mod Fantasy

This evil company of Vikings can be a great hindrance to the game. They usually roam together in a small party.

Огр |  Mod Fantasy

The big green giant is an ogre. Spawns in savannahs, dormant. Has a huge supply of health. Neutral mob – if not touched, it will not pay attention.

Red ore |  Mod Fantasy

In caves Minecraft Pocket Edition you can find a new type of ore with characteristic red textures… It is needed to craft a sword.

Sword craft |  Mod Fantasy

And here is the Belgian sword itself.

Cyclops Sword Craft  Mod Fantasy

And another curious specimen is a sword with a cyclops eye.

Kraft sword pegasus  Mod Fantasy

To get the pegasus sword, you have to deal with several horses.

Minotaur Sword |  Mod Fantasy

You can also get a sword from the minotaur. Only he does not need to be killed – he sells it. Have a good game!

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