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Mod entitled Family Life This is, of course, not Sims for Minecraft Bedrock Edishn, but the author has big plans. With the help of the mod, your hero will be able to start a relationship with the NPC.

Functions of the Family Life mod

Logo |  Mod Family Life

Now mod is at the beta stage in Minecraft… The most interesting thing is that you will not actually find an NPC anywhere – only if you spawn through the creative mode.

Girl |  Mod Family Life

To communicate in MCBE started, click on the appearing inscription.

Girl in Maine |  Mod Family Life

Then a menu will appear on the side of the character in the Family Life mod, in which there is a list of actions.

There are currently 4 options for interacting with NPCs in MCPE:

  • communication;
  • a little flirting;
  • joke;
  • give a thing.

Any of the actions can have its result in MKPE… Have a good game!

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