Mod Evil Villagers for Minecraft on Android

Each new inhabitant will have their own unique abilities and will attack you in different ways. If you are not yet sufficiently prepared, we recommend that you bypass them.

In addition to new creatures, a new ore will appear in the game – silver, which can be found anywhere in the game world at a depth of 0 to -40 blocks. Thanks to this ore, you can create new armor, weapons and tools. Silver will have similar characteristics to iron, but with reduced flow. If you create a silver pickaxe, it will not be able to mine diamonds and emeralds, but it is able to extract other materials at times faster.

Also, a new weapon will appear in the modification, which cannot be crafted, it can only be obtained by killing new, hostile NPCs. This weapon has 50 HP and deals 7 damage per hit.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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