Mod Drones with equipment | Supply Drone for Minecraft

Mod will arrange regular supplies of resources for you in Minecraft Bedrock. Supply Drone will spawn drones with gifts regularly and at enviable intervals – just have time to knock them down.

Drones over water |  Mod Drones with equipment

This small modification of the Supply Drone allows you to obtain items without leaving your hero’s home. Minecraft… And to shoot them down is quite simple – get a bow and arrow. Practice shooting at the same time.

Aiming at drones |  Mod Drones with equipment

Flying drones |  Mod Drones with equipment

The list of items in boxes does not yet shine with variety in MCBE… Three items always drop, among which are:

  • brick block;
  • iron block;
  • wood;
  • Golden Apple;
  • cake;
  • bread;
  • instruments;
  • weapons;
  • armor.

Fallen drone |  Mod Drones with equipment

Dropped Items |  Mod Drones with equipment

To work properly modifications activate in Minecraft BE experimental gameplay features. Have a good hunting!

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