Mod Division into teams | PlayerTeam for Minecraft

FROM fashion on Division into teams (PlayerTeam) playing in multiplayer Minecraft Bedrock Edishn will become much more interesting, because it solves almost all the problems of a multiplayer game, including team damage.

Hit the mob |  Mod Division into teams

When creating a large number of maps, developers often cannot solve the problem of receiving damage in Minecraft. It also happens that the players cannot hurt each other at all. A mod called PlayerTeam will eliminate this misunderstanding. By the way, using it, you can even recruit mobs into your team, such as chickens or sheep.

First of all, you need to activate cheats in the MCPE world settings. Next, enter the command into the console / tag @a add “team1”, after which everyone will receive the tag “team 1”. / tag @a remove team1 ”is a command with which you can remove a team and tag.

In practice, it looks like this. We take three mobs – a sheep, a cow and a chicken.

Strike the Sheep |  Mod Division into teams

Taking Damage with a Chicken |  Mod Division into teams

In the Minecraft PE screenshot, the author alternately strikes the mobs, and only the chicken takes damage – it is from the other team. Now any PvP game will be much more interesting to play in Mine!

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