Mod Diving Tools | Diving Tools for Minecraft

Many players still have problems exploring the depths of the sea in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Diving Tools Modification (DivingTools) will help get rid of the complexities of preparing water breath potions.

The whole suit |  Diving Tools Mod

Oceans update happened in Minecraft excellent. Only the developers didn’t think of adding anything else so that we didn’t rely on potions alone. Modification Diving Tools adds a suit to the game that allows you to freely navigate the depths of the ocean.

All fashion items |  Diving Tools Mod

In total, five items are waiting for us in fashion, four of which are parts of the armor in MCPE, and the last one is a component required for crafting.

Modification Crafts |  Diving Tools Mod

Here are the crafting of a mask, oxygen tanks, a suit and fins.

Command entry |  Diving Tools Mod

You can also get items using the command.

Character at the depth |  Diving Tools Mod

Character floats |  Diving Tools Mod

If you use all items on the hero – all parts of the armor, then in Minecraft it will have the effect of sea power. Enjoy your game! And don’t forget to enable experimental settings when creating a new game on map.

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