Mod Disguise as mobs | Mob Disguises for Minecraft

Via Fashion Disguises under mobs (Mob Disguises) you can make fun of your friends or foes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Craft a range of unique items to scare them.

Functions of the Mob Disguises mod

Craft blank mask |  Mod Disguise as mobs

Mod implements in Minecraft for Android almost 4 dozen masks of mobs. Mob Disguises allow you to pretend to be Minecraft Bedrock one of the creatures of the game. First, you will need to create an empty mask.

Chicken mask |  Mod Disguise as mobs

And then, using a combination of dyes in Minecraft PE you can start creating.

Mob mask |  Mod Disguise as mobs

By the way, all recipes are available at the workbench in survival mode. Also you can add any mask to MCPE through creative inventory. Be sure to enable for fashion experimental game features. Enjoy your passage!

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