Mod Digging Chunks | Mine An Entire Chunk for Minecraft


FROM mod Digging chunks (Mine An Entire Chunk) in Minecraft Bedrock there will be a number of new tools that will allow you to mine blocks in whole chunks. The steeper the pickaxe, the more volume you can get at one time.

How Mine An Entire Chunk works

The Mine An Entire Chunk modification adds Minecraft for Android the following types of ultimate picks:


Wooden |  Mod Digging Chunks


Stone |  Mod Digging Chunks


Iron |  Mod Digging Chunks


Diamond |  Mod Digging Chunks


Netherite |  Mod Digging Chunks

To craft them into Minecraft, you need compressed resources. Compressed resources are ordinary blocks, which are obtained by combining identical blocks on a workbench in MCBE… Yes, the ultimate diamond and netherite pickaxe will have to hunch back in the mines for a long time. Well, or you can add pickaxes from fashion through creative inventory. Be sure to enable experimental settings.

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