Mod Difficult Survival | Alive! for Minecraft

FROM mod Difficult survival (Alive!) the game will be slightly simplified, which, judging by the name of the mod, sounds rather strange. There will be several new items, as well as a new mob and several types of ore in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Mod will add to Minecraft PE some new food:

  • Canned fish;
  • Rice;
  • Dirty and purified water;
  • Cole, Pepsi and Sprite.

In Difficult Survival (Alive!) You will find two new weapons that can be crafted in Minecraft BE or enter the console command:

  • Fire ax – a: ax;
  • Musket – a: masket.

Weapons and flour crafting |  Mod Difficult survival

The author has provided two new types of blocks:

  • Fossil remains (can be processed into bone meal);
  • Copper (needed for crafting).

Copper |  Mod Difficult survival

Fossils |  Mod Difficult survival

Copper Ingot |  Mod Difficult survival

As you probably already know, copper can be used to make ingots, which are needed to create items. And here is the new mob:

Mob |  Mod Difficult survival

For the mod to work in MKPE right, it’s worth turning on experimental gameplay capabilities. Have a good game!

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