Mod Diamond Pie | Diamond Pumpkin Pie for Minecraft

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there is a large amount of cooked food. Unfortunately, most of these recipes involve animal meat. FROM mod Diamond Pie (Diamond Pumpkin Pie) you will receive a new recipe.

Using fashion Diamond Pumpkin Pie will have a positive effect on your hero in Minecraft for Android… Naturally, it perfectly satisfies the character’s hunger. Still, if you eat diamonds! In addition, your hero in Minecraft Bedrock Edition the amount of HP will increase – by as much as 2 hearts.

Positive effect |  Mod Diamond Pie

It is perfect for boss fights in Minecraft Pocket Edition… And also, for five minutes you will not be attacked by monsters, which makes it indispensable for traveling to the Lower World.

Monsters Don't Attack |  Mod Diamond Pie

Despite the fact that it is quite expensive to craft a pie (8 diamonds, after all!), Its use is strictly recommended in the MCBE.

Pie crafting |  Mod Diamond Pie

Have a good game!

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