Mod Detector for ore | Mineral Signals for Minecraft

Often, the search for valuable ore is not successful – the user often digs whole mines in vain in Minecraft on Android. To avoid this one can use modification of the detector for ore (Mineral Signals)which will save the player a lot of time.

How Mineral Signals works

Detector crafting |  Mod Detector for ore

First you need to create this very Mineral Signals.

Charged detector |  Mod Detector for ore

After that, you need to charge the tool with ore in Minecraftand the one you want to search for. Detector operating hours Minecraft limited. You will have to recharge it not with ore or ingots, but with a potion of experience.

Ore particles |  Mod Detector for ore

When the device works, it sends particles from blocks of ore underground upward. To get resources, just stand on these same rays and dig down. They are only active for five seconds, so hurry up to find them.

To work properly fashion in Minecraft PE obligatory actOre detector |  Mod Detector for ore

Modify experimental gameplay settings. Have a good game!

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