Mod Dense Mossy Biome | Lush Mossy Biome for Minecraft

With modification Lush Mossy Biome Minecraft PE will have a new biome that will naturally generate. If you were missing the lush vegetation in the game, this mod will do just fine.

Functions of the Lush Mossy Biome mod

Vegetation |  Mod Dense Mossy Biome

Naturally, the modification Lush Mossy Biome provides for new blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Biome at night |  Mod Dense Mossy Biome

The amount of vegetation in the new biome Minecraft will practically go off scale – it’s not for nothing that it is called that.

But what plants and blocks will appear in this mod. Mossy stones. Similar to regular herbal blocks.

Biome by day |  Mod Dense Mossy Biome

Black lotus flowers. Will appear in a new biome. You can get black dye from them. Blue lavender can also be found only here. Flowers can be used to craft blue dye. Dried Vines – Destroy them to get sticks. The glowing grass will make this biome even more beautiful.

New Plants |  Mod Dense Mossy Biome

For the mod to work correctly, activate the experimental features when setting up the map. Pleasant games!

Experimental Game Features |  Mod Dense Mossy Biome

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