Mod DeLorean DMC12 | DeLorean DMC12 for Minecraft

Ready for your time travel? Perfectly! Then download directly modification of DeLorean DMC12 (DeLorean DMC12) and get behind the wheel of this beautiful car in Minecraft for Android.

Auto fashion DeLorean DMC12 (DeLorean DMC12) could not boast of steep characteristics in reality. At one time, about 30 thousand dollars were bought for a typewriter, but, alas, the manufacturers went bankrupt. Now in the world there are about 8 thousand cars on the move. But back to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Car options |  Mod DeLorean DMC12

Authors fashion made the car in four versions. The first two are regular body colors, and the second two are from Back to the Future movie, wheel and hover type. In the latest update of the mod, through the creative mode, you can switch the wheels to hover.

Chips of the car |  Mod DeLorean DMC12

The car boasts all the features of the film and in Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

  • Multiple exhaust pipes;
  • Large radiators;
  • Various electronics;
  • Fire trail (works only in the film version);
  • Branded door opening.

Well, and, of course, where is it without a fiery trace from tires in MCBE? He is also present.

Fire trail |  Mod DeLorean DMC12

You can get a car using spawn eggs through the creative inventory. Alternatively, use the commands in the console:

  • /summon ddmc12:silver
  • /summon ddmc12:gold
  • /summon ddmc12:tm1
  • /summon ddmc12:tm2

Have a good game!

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