Mod Delightful Biomes | Magnificent Biomes for Minecraft

Delightful Biomes (MagnificentBiomes) that’s why adorable, to look just adorable (you’re sorry) in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Mod seriously redesigns the terrain in the game world, and also adds several new blocks and new creatures.

What the Magnificent Biomes mod gives

IN Minecraft both old biomes will change and new ones will appear – by modifications The Magnificent Biomes has taken care of all of this. Can you believe build on such in Minecraft PE pure pleasure. Here are just a few of them.

A grove of cherry trees.

Cherry Orchard |  Mod Delightful biomes

Sand dunes.

Sand dunes |  Mod Delightful biomes

Mountain taiga.

Mountain taiga |  Mod Delightful biomes


Pine forest |  Mod Delightful biomes


Steppe |  Mod Delightful biomes

Pumpkin fields in MCPE.

Fields with pumpkins |  Mod Delightful biomes


Great swamp |  Mod Delightful biomes

Wet forest.

Rainy forest |  Mod Delightful biomes

Be sure to enable in settings kart experimental features! Have a good game!

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