Mod Defense Mechanisms for Minecraft on Android and iOS


This is a very powerful setup that will attack almost all mobs that move on the ground 10 blocks away. For more accurate shooting, the author of the modification added a convenient sight.


This is a fairly long-range device that will shoot fireballs up to 20 blocks away, which will allow you to destroy the enemy even on the way.

A bomb

This device allows you to destroy a large number of monsters at one time, as it has an impressive explosion radius. You can activate the bomb with a flint.

Air defense

This device will attack exclusively flying mobs and will be an excellent defense against any hostile creature moving through the air. Works great against ghasts and other creatures.

Incendiary installation

This device, when activated, spawns 3 purple fires that attack a large number of mobs including zombies, spiders, etc.

Aerial bomb

This device can be launched into the air, where it will detonate, dealing huge area damage to all flying mobs.

How to get a?

To get all defense mechanisms in Minecraft PE, you can use the creative inventory. If you are playing in survival mode then use the commands below.

  • Пушка – /give @s def:cannon
  • Миномёт – /give @s def:mortar
  • Бомба – /give @s def:bomb
  • ПВО – /give @s def:air_cracker
  • Incendiary Installation – / give @s def: ignite_spell
  • Air Bomb – / give @s def: air_bomb

How to install the mod you can read here

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