Mod Decomposition of objects | Uncrafting Table for Minecraft

Modification of Decomposition of objects (Uncrafting Table) is one of the most useful for Minecraft on Android. By the time the user descends into the same Lower World, a huge amount of unnecessary junk accumulates in the inventory.

Decomposition of items (Uncrafting Table) is carried out in mod with a special workbench in MKPE, which we have to craft. Right now in Minecraft there are a limited number of recycling recipes. And, perhaps in the future, we will have several updates to the modification. Here are some of the options. One moment. Breaking an item on this workbench gives you its most expensive component.

Recipes for Recycling Items |  Mod Decomposition of objects

Mod directly affects the overall balance in Minecraft PE, so the workbench cannot just be taken and received. It will require one netherite ingot, for which, as you yourself know, you need to go to hell on Easter cakes.

Crafting workbench |  Mod Decomposition of objects

Have a good game!

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