Mod Decomposition | Corruption for Minecraft

From damage to mod Corruption not even a healer hidden in your closet will save you. You can also forget about psychics from TV channels in Minecraft Bedrock – here we are dealing with another damage that is spreading like a disease on the ground.

Functions of the Corruption mod

Mod called Corruption, it implements in Minecraft for Android new block – Corruption. Place it on the ground, and you will see how over time it creeps and hits almost all blocks. The properties of these blocks do not change for the better. In settings MKPE you can change the rate at which this infection spreads.

Spread of Corruption |  Mod Decomposition

Most of all “contamination” is exposed to wood, earth, as well as stone blocks. Neither bedrock nor iron can resist it. Although the damage does not affect the water, the blocks under it will rot. In survival mode, it is quite difficult to stop this madness, and you need to act in MCBE, as they say, ahead of the curve.

Corruption in the Edge |  Mod Decomposition

There are several more items in the fashion. So far, they are useless and worthless. However, in the future, we are sure the author will find a use for them. In the meantime, keep your eyes open – the Corruption block imposes a wither effect on the player. Have a good game!

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