Mod Dangerous Water | Dangerous Water for Minecraft

Until recently, until there was Dangerous Water modifications, in Minecraft you could safely swim. However, swimming is now a real threat to life. The immortality totem will not hurt!

Red screen |  Mod Dangerous Water

Now the spawn location is in Minecraft Bedrock Edition will directly affect the difficulty of survival, as well as the headache from it. And the number of burns, by the way, too! If with the Dangerous Water mod you got to an island somewhere in the ocean, then you can dig a grave for your hero in MKPE.

Hero in the water |  Mod Dangerous Water

Any contact with water is now fraught with MCBE the fastest decrease in HP – as if they were swimming in lava. However, if you are not afraid of absolutely nothing in the game, then we recommend downloading this modification. Do not swim for the buoys!

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