Mod Damage Indicator | Damage Indicator for Minecraft

Now, with modification Damage IndicatorMinecraft for Android will really look like an RPG game. All characters will have hit points. Simple and very useful information!

Damage numbers |  Mod Damage Indicator

The Damage Indicator will allow you to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition much more efficient. With the help of the mod, you can calculate your strengths, as well as the further actions of the character.

Selection window |  Mod Damage Indicator

Now the mod has several key features:

  • Can show how much damage you are doing;
  • Allows you to control the amount of HP of the character;
  • Disappears when invisible;
  • Draws at a certain distance;
  • Doesn’t break getting achievements in MCBE.

Moreover, you can also customize modby making it informative on your own.

HP scale.

HP scale |  Mod Damage Indicator

Boss health bar.

Boss HP bar |  Mod Damage Indicator

There are some game limitations when using the indicator. For example, when finishing off a monster that has little HP, the damage value will not exceed it. In addition, the indicators are limited to 100 units. If you have applied more, in MCPE will show “100+”.

Character Health |  Mod Damage Indicator

You can change the value of the HP scale to the number of hearts. However, it should be remembered that there is a limitation here too: in hearts, the amount of health will not exceed 100, so it is more profitable to use the scale.

Hearts of characters |  Mod Damage Indicator

The only mobs that this mod does not work on are krakens, horses, as well as fish and slime. There are several files in the archive – fonts, a package with only damage, as well as a complete display. Choose the one you like!

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