Mod Crown | Crowns for Minecraft

What real ruler in the Middle Ages can be imagined without the traditional royal headdress ?! So it is with mod Crownswhich will add some awesome hats to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Functions of the Crowns mod

Now let’s look at the most expensive (outside Minecraft) hats.

Rack with a villager's crown |  Mod Crown

Villager’s crown. Will give the effect of “Hero of the Village”.

Marauder's Crown |  Mod Crown

Marauder's Stand |  Mod Crown

Crown of the Marauders. Gives the Bad Sign effect.

End Crown |  Mod Crown

Edge Stand |  Mod Crown

Ender Lord’s Crown. IN Minecraft BE will give a slow fall as well as night vision.

Sea crown |  Mod Crown

Stand of the Sea Crown |  Mod Crown

Oceanic crown. May delight you with the effect of a sea guide.

Infernal crown |  Mod Crown

Infernal rack |  Mod Crown

Infernal crown. The most “profitable” of all – it gives protection from fire in Minecraftand also increases attack power.

All crowns fashion can be crafted at the workbench, or obtained through the creative inventory.

Mod customization |  Mod Crown

Don’t forget to enable experimental gameplay features.

Have a good game!

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