Mod Creation of mobs | Craftable Mobs for Minecraft

It’s not always the desire to switch to Minecraft on the phone from mode to mode in order to get this or that item. FROM mod Craftable Mobs dozens of recipes are waiting for you that will allow you to create mobs in survival.

There are a huge number modificationsthat allow you to craft in Minecraft Pocket Edition inaccessible items. And Craftable Mobs is one of those. It will allow you to use survival in a slightly different way. Minecraft… There are now 23 recipes available for various mobs, bosses do not count.

Crafting mobs 1 |  Mod Create mobs

Mob Crafting 2 |  Mod Create mobs

Mob Crafting 3 |  Mod Create mobs

Crafting mobs 4 |  Mod Create mobs

Crafting mob |  Mod Create mobs

For the mod to work properly, you must activate it in Minecraft Bedrock Edition experimental possibilities. Have a good game!

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