Mod Cozy furniture for Minecraft on Android

If it is very important for you how your house looks inside, then you will really like this modification. Each piece of furniture is presented in a different wood design, so you don’t have to worry about the fact that it will not fit well into your interior.

How to get a?
At the moment, all the furniture from the mod can only be obtained using special commands, but in the future, the author promises to make crafting recipes for each of them.


Below are all the commands with which you can get a couch from different types of wood.
IMPORTANT!!!! The couch must be placed ON TOP of the bed, otherwise it will fall into the texture. The picture above shows an example of correct placement.

/function daybed_birch
/function daybed_oak
/function daybed_spruce
/function daybed_acacia
/function daybed_jungle
/function daybed_dark

Bedside table

The bedside table can be placed anywhere, but we recommend using it for its intended purpose and placing it next to the bed. It is made from the same types of wood as the couch.

/function sidetable_birch
/function sidetable_oak
/function sidetable_spruce
/function sidetable_acacia
/function sidetable_jungle
/function sidetable_dark


Thanks to this modification, you will have an irreplaceable item at your disposal that will keep you warm on cold nights. There are 16 different blanket colors in the modification that you can use.

IMPORTANT!!! The clothes must be placed at a height of 2 blocks above the bed, otherwise they will fall under the floor !!! The picture above shows an example of correct placement.

/function blanket_white
/function blanket_gray
/function blanket_light_gray
/function blanket_black
/function blanket_red
/function blanket_orange
/function blanket_yellow
/function blanket_lime
/function blanket_green
/function blanket_cyan
/function blanket_light_blue
/function blanket_blue
/function blanket_purple
/function blanket_magenta
/function blanket_pink
/function blanket_brown

Mod Cozy furniture will make your home more comfortable and not so empty, thanks to this you will always be happy to return there.
Installation instructions for the mod!

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