Mod Control Points | Checkpoint Blocks for Minecraft

Not many players can create a new spawn point in Minecraft Bedrock Edition using console commands. Yes, it is not necessary, if there are such fashion, as Checkpoint Blockswhich will add several blocks for this purpose.

In the Checkpoint Blocks mod, you will find several new blocks for Minecraft for Android… It’s about a clickable and interactive respawn point.

Pressure block |  Mod Control Points

Pressure block 2 |  Mod Control Points

The push button is activated when stepped on. In the event of the death of the hero, you will appear directly on the block. To add a block, just enter the console command in MCBE – /give @p dbrt:checkpoint_block_by_foot.

Interactive block |  Mod Control Points

Interactive block 2 |  Mod Control Points

With an interactive dot, everything is just as simple. To get it, you need to enter the command / give @p dbrt: checkpoint_block_by_hand. However, to activate it in MCPEyou need to interact with it.

Blocks cannot be destroyed in survival – they can only be broken through creative mode. To mod worked correctly, enable experimental features in the game!

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