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Now you won’t have any problems in Minecraft Bedrock Edition if you want to save milk, water and lava. Just use mod Container for liquid (Container) – create a special vessel. Love has no place in chests!

Container mod functions

Main picture |  Mod Container for liquid

A container for liquid (Container) is an ordinary block in Minecraft for Androidwhich, by the way, is beautifully decorated. Its creation will not cause any problems. Combine several blocks of stones and glass on the workbench to get a container from the mod.

Container craft |  Mod Container for liquid

By the way, here’s a small life hack for you to use it in Minecraft PE… If you put lava in it, then the block can be used as lighting. It looks unusual and cool. Also, the author fashion took care of other things as well. One container holds 5 buckets of liquid, which is characterized by its fullness in Minecraft.

Fullness of containers |  Mod Container for liquid

To make everything work like a clock, activate experimental features in the settings cards.

Experimental Gameplay |  Mod Container for liquid

Have a good game!

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