Mod Console | Console for Minecraft

IN Console mode the real paradise of the console game is presented, it’s a pity that only within the framework of Minecraft Pocket Edition. In the game, as many as 10 game consoles from the three largest manufacturers will appear as decorations.

Functions of the Console mod

There are ten consoles in the Console mod, and each of them can be crafted or added to Minecraft BE through creative mode. Each of them comes with a proprietary gamepad. By the way, textures and models look good enough – take a look for yourself.

Here are the consoles added mod.

Playstation Chosen by the People.

Playstation |  Mod Console

X-Box series. Alas, you can’t even watch a movie.

X-Box |  Mod Console

Multicolored Nintendo.

Nintendo |  Mod Console

What’s new in the Console update

The author, as promised, continued to add new items to decorate the house.

There was a TV with the PS5 interface.

PS5 interface |  Mod Console

Implemented TV with the “Box” interface.

X-Series Interface |  Mod Console

Columns added.

Column |  Mod Console

Gamepads for consoles appeared.

Gamepads for Consoles |  Mod Console

Now in your hero’s house Minecraft there will definitely be a top (and not only) console! For items to work properly, enable experimental options in the game.

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