Mod Coloring talismans | Colors Talisman for Minecraft

FROM mod Coloring talismans (Colors Talisman) you can easily repaint any blocks in Minecraft Pocket Edition. And to craft such a device, you do not need to have supernatural components.

Repainting ratio in Minecraft for Android monstrous – 1 dye per block. But with fashion Colors Talisman will make it much easier! First, create a color crystal.

You can get an empty talisman from it.

Blank mascot |  Mod Coloring talismans

Next, we use any dye and an empty talisman in MKPE.

Coloring mascot |  Mod Coloring talismans

Then, you can use a talisman with color on wool, glass and blocks.

Wool dyeing |  Mod Coloring talismans

Concrete painting |  Mod Coloring talismans

Glass painting |  Mod Coloring talismans

Have a good game!

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