Mod Colored boards and bricks

Mod entitled Colored boards and bricks (StratospheersPaint) will slightly expand the color variability of some blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This will allow you to get creative when building in the game.

Functions of the Stratospheer’s Paint mod

You will be able to paint in Minecraft a large number of blocks. First, however, you need to create a bucket of paint. It’s very easy to craft – combine white dye and a bucket of water. Modification Colored boards and bricks (Stratospheer’s Paint) currently offers you a Minecraft more than 15 new recipes.

Other recipes |  Mod Colored boards and bricks

Crafting stones |  Mod Colored boards and bricks

In addition, in the last update of the mod, the author added a new tool – a hammer. It is perfect for breaking blocks in Minecraft PE… All blocks of creation can be either created or added to MKPE through creative inventory.

Wood craft |  Mod Colored boards and bricks

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