Mod Childhood Difficulty | BeastDiamond’s Baby Mode for Minecraft

When survival is a hard-to-play mode, reducing difficulty to peaceful in MCPE is not an option. At least some monsters won’t just spawn. But with mod Child difficulty (BeastDiamond’s Baby Mode) everything will be all right, just much easier.

Features of BeastDiamond’s Baby Mode mod

Modified difficulty |  Mod Child Difficulty

Main feature fashion Childhood Difficulty (Beast Diamond’s Baby Mode) is getting cool gear in Minecraft… To do this, you will need to get more blocks of land, and anyone can cope with this task. In addition, the author of the mod changed the drop from mobs – now you will receive not only more resources, but also good equipment.

Drop from mobs |  Mod Child Difficulty

Also, almost all mobs will become neutral towards the character. They will have less health and will do less damage. Itinerant trader in Minecraft Pocket Edition will be able to please you with suitable items. For barter, get yourself, again, blocks of land.

Itinerant Trader |  Mod Child Difficulty

And here are the recipes for creating items in Minecraft for Android.

Crafting Recipes |  Mod Child Difficulty

Crafting recipe |  Mod Child Difficulty

Any player can handle this difficulty!

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