Mod Cephalopods | Head and Feets for Minecraft

If you like very original and extraordinary fashion for Minecraft PE, then Head and Feets will take a prominent place in your collection. Link below!

Leap of the cephalopod |  Mod Cephalopods

Head and Feets fashion should never be taken too seriously in Minecraft for Android… He’s the very thing to laugh with friends. The mod changes the character’s model, removing his arms and torso, and leaving only the heads and legs.

Netherite Armor |  Mod Cephalopods

Heroes will now remind in Minecraft Pocket Edition mushrooms from Super Mario, not full-fledged characters.

Cephalopod Farmer |  Mod Cephalopods

Bearded cephalopod |  Mod Cephalopods

Character view |  Mod Cephalopods

Cephalopod player |  Mod Cephalopods

By the way, modification works great with any skins, including custom ones. Have a good game!

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