Mod Cave Mode Costumes | Minecraft Dungeons Costumes for Minecraft

By setting mod entitled Cave Mode Costumes (MinecraftDungeonsCostumes), your hero will not only get good protection from monsters, but will also look much more original in Minecraft on Android.

“Dungeon” has become a real mine of inspiration for the creators of mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition… As a result, the modification of the Costumes of the cave mode (Minecraft Dungeons Costumes), which is a prime example. She will add 7 new things to the game.

Necromancer Clothing |  Mod Cave Mode Costumes

Robe of the necromancer.

Robe of Geomancy |  Mod Cave Mode Costumes

Geomancer’s Robes.

Bandit helmet |  Mod Cave Mode Costumes

Marauder’s helmet.

Crown |  Mod Cave Mode Costumes

The crown.

Sage's Clothes |  Mod Cave Mode Costumes

Rich clothes.

Summoner Helmet |  Mod Cave Mode Costumes

Summoner Helmet.

Skeleton Gear |  Mod Cave Mode Costumes

Skeleton armor.

You can create a new gear for your hero in Minecraft Pocket Edition by yourself, or add through the creative inventory. As usual – enable experimental features to work fashion in Minecraft PE… Have a good game!

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