Mod Cart with lamp and sets

Several features that are present in vogue Trolley with lamp and sets (MinecartLantern / Bundles), will appear in Minecraft on Android in the summer. And endure another six months, you know! It’s good when there are modders who want to try out new game features after the announcement.

Let’s first take a look at the part of the Minecart Lantern / Bundles mod that deals with things. The bag will appear relatively soon, but use it in MCBE you can now by downloading the mod.

It will allow you to store equipment that, for some reason, did not end up in your inventory. For example, if it didn’t fit. First, create an item in Minecraft PEand then place it on the ground – this is important.

Kraft bag |  Mod Cart with lamp and sets

Then “get” it with a pickaxe – this is the only way it will work. It is very important not to create more than one bag in the game, otherwise a bug will happen.

Character with bags |  Mod Cart with lamp and sets

The second item of the mod is a trolley, on which a lantern is installed.

Trolley with a lantern |  Mod Cart with lamp and sets

It allows you to navigate the dark corners of the caves with dynamic lighting. Also, if you like to build something in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, then you can prove yourself in the construction of a horror attraction.

Crafting Trolley |  Mod Cart with lamp and sets

Such a trolley will become irreplaceable.

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