Mod Car Collection | CYBOX ONE: Vehicles Collection for Minecraft

Author fashion car collection (CYBOXONE : VehiclesCollection) went a little further than the rest of the transport lovers in Minecraft BE. Not to say that this is one of the most difficult add-ons, but now, to drive, you need to do several operations.

In total, the collection of cars (CYBOX ONE: Vehicles Collection) is waiting for you almost ten vehicles for the hero in Minecraft for Android.

Continental GT Convertible

Discovery 4

Land Rover |  Mod Car Collection

M5 2021

BMW M Series |  Mod Car Collection


Samsung |  Mod Car Collection


Chevrolet spark |  Mod Car Collection


Daewoo Tosca |  Mod Car Collection


Motorcycle |  Mod Car Collection


Expensive motorcycle |  Mod Car Collection

Tame your car in Minecraft you can use an ordinary saddle. Cars use fuel! Since gasoline is in Minecraft PE no, then you have to “fill” them with coal. Use dyes to change the body color. Well, and finally, you can put a chest in the car to increase the capacity. Have a good game!

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