Mod Bulls | Bulls for Minecraft

Animals from fashion Bulls, these are, in fact, ordinary cows from Minecraft Bedrock. Only now they received a certain upgrade from the author, and now they can even pose a serious danger to the player.

Functions of the Bulls mod

With a sword against a bull |  Mod Bulls

Find livestock fashion Bulls can be found in savannas and plains in Minecraft… Unlike cows, they can fight back, for example, if they invade their territory. They have a fairly large stock of health, and the attack power is such that the GG can fly off with two hits if he is not wearing armor. They are also different from cows. textures and in size – a little more than their congeners from MCPE.

Taming the bull |  Mod Bulls

Tame the animal into Minecraft PE you will not succeed. But you can breed them with the help of poisonous potatoes. In addition, the bulls can start attacking not only the player – villagers, but also other peaceful mobs can get into MCBE horns. Have a good game!

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