Mod Breathing Tubes | Snorkels for Minecraft

Now your hero in Minecraft Pocket Edition will be able to dive safely not only into the bathroom, but also into deep water bodies. And all because Breathing tubes (snorkels) from the mod allow you not to consume oxygen.

Masked character |  Mod Breathing Tubes

Let’s accept the fact that the hero will be able to breathe under water with the help of an ordinary scuba gear, for a game convention in Minecraft Bedrock Edition… We do not drown for this very realism, right? So that’s it. It is very easy to craft them and very cheap in MCPE.

Crafting glasses |  Mod Breathing Tubes

Now, no use of filthy potions – a healthy lifestyle first of all! The author has provided 16 variations textures for scuba diving.

Masks and Blocks |  Mod Breathing Tubes

Many color options |  Mod Breathing Tubes

In addition, you can try to wear glasses even on zombies from MCBE… Only if he floats or not, that’s a completely different story.

Masked zombie |  Mod Breathing Tubes

Can't swim |  Mod Breathing Tubes

Enjoy playing with this interesting fashion!

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